Squadron Supreme Vol. 1: By Any Means Necessary!

They’re the sole survivors of lost Earths, and they’ll do anything to protect this one -whether you like it or not! The former Avenger, Hyperion. The Nighthawk of Supreme Power. Blur from the New Universe’s DP7. Dr. Spectrum of the Great Society. And the original Squadron’s Power Princess. Together, they’re the Squadron Supreme, and they don’t care about the rules. All that matters is the safety of their adopted home. If you stand in the way, that’s your problem! First on their to-do list: Namor, destroyer of Dr. Spectrum’s homeworld. He must pay for his crimes -but at what cost to the people of Atlantis? As the Squadron’s extreme measures attract attention, the Uncanny Avengers will come calling. If this isn’t your new favorite super team, then pretend! COLLECTING: SQUADRON SUPREME 1-6, MATERIAL FROM AVENGERS 0


Squadron Supreme Vol. 1: By Any Means Necessary! (2016)
Publisher: Marvel Comics | CBR | English | Size: 282 Mb

More fun with this tricks, its just for 8ball pool players and also dragon city game

Life is beautiful, fun and grace but not a game

Everyone should do 2 things with real: doing the very thing he liked, and doing the very thing he hated.

game-is-life-life-is-not-gameAnger is a condition in which the tongue works faster than the mind, and act more quickly than conscience.

No one can change the past, but you can spoil the future by the past and worrying weep for the future.

True wealth is not measured by how much investment he did to earn money, but how much investment he did to earn the hereafter.

A smile is a gift of God for every human being containing light goodness and purity, bringing peace to the view, and cultivating compassion for those who give. Then smile to everyone.

It is easier to resist thousands of armed men compared against the vanity itself.

What are you doing today, is the key to good or also ruin your tomorrow. Do your best to this day.

How difficult man grateful for breath that still blows in the body. But how easily humans complaining only because his foot hit the dirt.

Whatever happens to you tomorrow it because what you do today.

God does not degrade destiny granted. God gives destiny in accordance with what we do. If we go ahead and try, God will give success destiny. If we are careless and lazy, then God will give you the destiny of failure.

To fool even the Lord sent a good luck, to those crazy though the Lord give life fortune.

When we looked back we actually have left with people who crawled forward. Indeed, the past was a teacher for us to look at and build the future.

The hardest thing in life is not to exceed other people, but beyond the ego and ourselves.

Be proud of yourself, Although there is no Love. Sometimes they hate because they can not afford to be like you.

Thorns in the feet are hard to find, especially thorn in the liver. If there are people who see the thorn in her heart, which may be sadness will prevail?

God created everything pairing pasangan.Ada right hand, there is a smart kiri.Ada hand, there are bodoh.Jangan tell me you’ve never tasted the sweetness of success, do not tell me you never tasted the bitterness of kegagalan.Tapi let all such as running water and do that best in daily life

If you’re afraid to step, look at how a baby trying to walk. You will undoubtedly find that every man will surely fall. Only the best man was the one who was able to rise from its fall.

God is as you think, if you think God is Good, and God will be good to you. But if you think God is sorted, then God will treat you with the Poor.

If you do not like what is around you, change, at least change yourself. Remember, you’re not a tree.

The best man is always trying to make others happy. Do it even if you have to leave them and alone.

Our strengths are, we are able to start, and we are also able to TERMINATE.

We always have a choice every day. Staying we choose, initiate goodwill yesterday, or wait and get a sense of regret tomorrow.

If you look at the world, then look down, because if you look up, then what you get is a sore neck and eyes are dizzy.

Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep from falling off the bike and keep the balance, we have to keep moving, and a foot pedal. So who want to use cheat or some kind of hack tool when play something, it’s dangerous you know what, cause we don’t know what exactly that is.